Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I gained 2 lbs! Hallelujah!!

I am not even being sarcastic. I am thrilled that I gained 2 lbs.  I was in Jamaica for 6 days and ate at a buffet for 99% of all my meals.  I also drank my face off.  Gaining only 2 lbs is NOT something that I would have done this time last year.  I would have gained at least 10 and I would have been miserable.  But I wasn't miserable.  I was hot.  People, I WORE A BATHING SUIT WITHOUT A COVERUP!!!!!  Not all the time, but I did walk to and from the bathroom once or twice.  I let my cousin take a picture of me in a bathing suit.

I could literally cry right now.  This is the first vacation that I have had ever where I didn't spend the whole time wishing I had dieted before I left.  Wishing that I wasn't the fat friend.  Wishing that I didn't hate myself so much.  This was the first time that I danced shamelessly at the wedding.  That I strutted around like the hottest bitch at the party because you know what? I WAS.  (Well not the hottest, but definitely in the top 10!)  Even if that is not true, that is how I felt.  My sister said to my cousin last night when he picked us up at the airport "You should have seen Nikki.  She was FIRE all weekend.  She even rocked me she looked so good." She has no idea how happy that one offhand comment made me because that is how I felt.  I am so happy that for once, my outsides matched my insides.  I was confident and felt great and it showed. I have a few NSVs and then I will let you guys be the judges of how confidently happy I looked at the wedding.

  • I walked around in a bathing suit (with and without a coverup) and didn't want to kill myself
  • I may or may not have made out with the cute bartender at the pool bar (That is not an NSV, but just a sweet side effect of feeling so confident.)
  • I didn't sweat profusely even when it was hot.  Getting ready for the wedding, everyone was complaining about how hot it was and I didn't even break into a light dew.  I used to be the biggest sweater in any room, but I only got a little moist while dancing.  This, my fellow formerly morbidly obese sweaty friends, you know is huge.
  • One of the guys from the day of "THE PICTURE" was there. (You know the picture.  See below in the black dress.)  He has not seen me since that day.  He said "I don't remember you looking this sexy that day you were sitting on the cooler at the picnic."  He also commented on how slowly I eat.  He said "It's cute and all, but sometimes I get aggravated and want to tell you to hurry the hell up so we can leave the restaurant."  I just laughed and continued eating at a snail's pace like a good bandster.
  • My dress was not plus sized! Ladies, there are so many more options for formal wear once you get out of the plus sizes.  Who knew.  For once I didn't have to wear something matronly.  It's like all stores think that if you are overweight you are automatically the mother of the groom.  
I am really truly happy with myself right now.  I still have a ways to go, but I am enjoying the trip so much I am not even concerned about when I'll get there.

Without further ado, the evidence.

Please recall the tragic days at the end of last summer:

Now indulge me while I post waaaaaay too many pics of myself, but it is my blog and I am allowed to be a little vain.


  1. Hell Yeah... Jewel of Jamaica... We could have climbed the falls together... If you wouldn't mind my tears and screams... We were there Wednesday. You look amazing!

  2. You are looking sooo good! Are you coming to the NYC brunch on the 20th? If not, we seriously need to get together for drinks soon.

  3. wow! you look so good! Love that dress!

  4. Psssst....hey lady...just checking on you....can't find your email address! How are you doing?