Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pros and Cons


  • I could die. Anesthesia at my weight is dangerous and there is always the risk of complications from it
  • I might not be able to change my eating habits which could lead to erosion or slippage. I hate to ask my family to go through all of this with me again because the band slipped
  • I might be part of the small percentage who this does not work for.
  • I might lose all of my friends because I can no longer eat as much. (This one is totally irrational, but I have this vision of everyone slipping away because I keep PBing in public.)
  • I won't be able to drink anymore. (This one is not really that much of a con as I just ended a relationship with a man who had substance abuse issues. I pretty much stopped drinking anyway to be with him, and I really haven't started again.)
  • I really don't like cooking all that much just for myself.

  • My knees won't hurt with every step
  • I won't be so hot and sweaty even in the winter
  • I will be able to shop in all stores!
  • I won't need to find a matching shrug for everything I buy
  • I will be able to go and visit my godson in California without worrying about being too fat for the flight.
  • I will be able to run around with said godson
  • I won't walk into every situation feeling like I need to apologize for being so fat
  • The playing field will be level. I can finally know with certainty that I didn't get the man/job/promotion/raise for reasons other than my weight.
  • Gross men will stop saying "hey big girl" when I walk by. On that, ARE MEN EFFING STUPID?? How can they honestly think that is going to melt my heart and make me jump into their arms--thereby knocking them to ground and possibly concussing them, so really I win anyway.
  • I will live longer and finally be happy with my weight. Not happy with my life--who knows what might creep up and I know that being skinny does not necessarily equate to being happy. But, for once, my weight won't be the constant unhappiness in the back of my mind.

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