Monday, July 12, 2010

Second Seminar

I went to the seminar again tonight with a few friends who were concerned. It went well. We had dinner afterwards and ate everything that was on the "bad" list. I tried taking smaller bites and chewing 15-20 times and it felt so weird.

I did notice that I kept eating after I was full just because it was in front of me. I think I will start using the trick of getting the To Go package as soon as the meal comes.

That was the absolute most boring blog entry ever. No one is reading this but me, and I even bore myself.

I did notice something interesting. Since I posted the first time, I have not worn a sweater to cover my arms. I always cover my arms in the summer because they are really fat--especially in situations where I am meeting new people. However, I just haven't felt the need lately. I'm not fooling anyone by hiding my arms, but I hate catching people looking at them. The sidelong glances embarrass me. Screw 'em. This summer has been over 90 degrees almost every day and I refuse to walk around swaddled in knits.

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