Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My First Fill!

I was dreading it.  Filled with fear.  I am not a huge fan of needles anyway.  Actually that is not true.  I don't mind needles that take stuff out. For instance, I often like to watch while blood is being drawn.  It is needles that put stuff in that I don't like.  Probably something I should have thought about pre-band.

So, I was a nervous wreck waiting for my first fill.  Finally they called me in.  I got on the scale.  Down .5 from the last time I weighed in there.  There was a time in my life when that would have made me leap out of the 10th story window.  But today I just shrugged.  I am eating too much.  I have a teeny bit of restriction, so I am eating less than I used to but way more than 1 cup.  I didn't expect to lose big and at least I didn't rebound from all liquids by gaining. Very Zen.

Then Frank came in to do my fill.  I told him about the weird pressure I feel in the back of my throat when I lie flat on my back.  He said that some people experience it and it is the feeling of the band.  Because of that and because I am eating so much less than before, he decided that I should not be really aggressive with the fill because he thinks I am sensitive to the band.  He decided to go with 3cc. 

I got on the table and he started pressing around for my port.  Then Gaspar came in.  So, my first fill was with both Frank and Gaspar which is terrific.  He located my port and told me to put my arms behind my head and do a crunch.  I did and then before I knew it the needle was in and I was watching the CCs disappear.  It took no more than 2 minutes.  Then it hit me.  Of course it doesn't hurt.  It's fat.  There are no nerves in fat.  The initial prick of the needle through the skin was not even noticeable and it just slid through my lovely insulation.

I am back on liquids for two days.  I'm kinda hungry though.  Ok.  I am really hungry.  I have another appt in 3 weeks, so we'll see.

OH!  I got a trainer today.  More on her later, but I think I love her.  She's so petite and strong and she didn't care that I hadn't shaved my legs in much longer than I care to admit.


  1. I was just in the office on Monday for my second fill. I was a breeze just like the 1st! They are so great at NYU. I hope you get some restriction with the fill. I'm so sick of liquids.. I'm hungry too! haha

  2. YAY fill! I hope this is a good one for you. My first one was a tremendous help, but my second one is even better.

  3. Mine is Monday - it's so weird. I wasn't nervous at all before surgery, and am not nervous at all for the fill either.