Sunday, October 10, 2010

To be free one must give up a little part of oneself

I think my band is a man.  My BFF pointed out the other night that a man is usually the inspiration and motivation when women lose weight.  Speaking strictly for myself that is 100% true.  I have always lost weight as a way to get back at a guy and show him what he is missing.  Or get a prom date.  Or impress him with my sleeker physique and make him love me.  Totally unhealthy.  I get that. Anyway, going with tradition, I think my band might be the one man that gets me to goal.  Not any man though. Like 75% of the men in my life, I think my man-band might be gay.  I hereby christen my band after the most fabulous lady-man I know:

Ladies and Gentleman . . . Hedwig!


  1. OMG, that's amazing. I am still searching for a name for mine...have not had any inspiration yet.

  2. That is great! I am also thinking of a name for mine. Since I have not yet been banded I still have time, but I am not good in the creativity department. I like going with the gay band. I had an awesome friend in high school, and he was always there to let me know what looked good, what my my assets look good, blah blah blah. your band is going to get you there too! (I really hope that wasn't offensive to anyone, if so, I am so sorry!)

  3. A drag queen band...I am SO loving it!!!