Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a great, safe night.  I went to a party and had a terrific time.  Lots of compliments and boob-touching.  The party was hosted by my friend Vinny and his partner Nick.  I don't know why gay boys like touching my boobs so much, but I wish I could get that much attention from straight boys.
My favorite guest at the party!!

Anyway, I over-indulged last night and I am paying for it today.  I am sooo tight.  Nothing is going down.  I think maybe I am dehydrated from the copious amounts of vodka, but I am not sure.  Any drinkers out there care to weigh in???

I have been sipping warm tea for the last hour trying to loosen things up because I am soooo hungry.  Nothing cures a hangover like a bunless, low-fat cheese burger (UM. NOT). 

I hope everyone had a great night and an even better 2011.  I started this year down 55 lbs in a size 16 jeans.  The year can only get better with such a wonderful start!!!  


  1. 55!!!! That is amazing.

    I haven't really indulged too badly with the band just yet, so don't know how it affects me - but drink lotsa water.

    Speaking of drinks, we need to meet up for those! Or brunch. Something!

  2. Sounds like an interesting night :o)