Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Lovin It!

Last night was an impromptu picture night.  Rebecca and I met for dinner and then hauled our cookies--literally--up to Meghan's for wine, The Bachelor, and pictures!  I am very tempted to post the violin video, but I won't.  I love my friends.  Rebecca said the nicest thing to me last night.  She said that I looked like a girl--not a heavy girl--just a girl. I still have so much to lose, but compliments like that really spur me on.  They also both told me that I looked like a fool in the pants that I was wearing, so I will very shortly have some stuff for the Sisterhood. 

So here they are. Month 4 of the most unflattering outfit.  (Click on them to make them bigger.) The shorts no longer look like spandex and I can actually stand with my legs together.  Things are coming along nicely!


  1. wow.... if a picture says a thousand words, this selection says gazillions! you're doing soooo well!

  2. The changes in you are awesome :o)

  3. My favorite aspect of the pictures is that as the face gets smaller... the smile gets bigger!! Great job!

  4. Look, a smile!!! You can really see the difference in these.

  5. Way to go...You can see SUCH a difference. So very proud of you!

  6. Hi there,

    Amazing transformation! I was newly banded as well in Nov 2010 and I would love to follow you on your journey to success!

    Keep up the great work!