Sunday, January 16, 2011


I just looked up the meaning of the name Conrad and it says "Bold; wise counselor."  I was shocked to find that it didn't mean "of Satan; the Devil's minion."  Conrad is my new trainer.  We had our first session today.  I am typing this with my arms glued to my sides because if I lift them, I cry.

Here's the thing though: I have been doing strength training on my own every other day for almost two months.  I have NEVER been this sore.  I feel like I have been wasting time.  I know that's not true because any calorie burned counts, but, damn, I wish I had shelled out for a Conrad sooner. I am about 4-5 good workouts away from fitting comfortably in the bathing suits of my dreams for Jamaica.  Remember these sexy little things?

I have also started doing the Couch to 5K training program and signed up for a 5K on March 6.  I hope to run the whole thing.  It may take me 90 minutes, but I'm doing it!!!

On the weight loss front, I think I am starting to see a pattern.  I tend to lose big (3-4 lb/week) for two weeks of the month and then I piddle around at .8-1 for the other two (if I don't gain .6).  I am not going to obsess about how to make it consistent (read: I am going to think about nothing else for weeks).  The point is that it is coming off. 

When they said you lose between 1-2lbs a week with the lap band I, of course, thought, "Oh hell no!  I am going to lose 4 every week and get to my goal in no time."  I have a little problem with patience.  I suppose if I really put my mind to it and tracked every single calorie and never gave into the cravings for cake and never had wine with friends, I could do that.  But, I learned something pretty important over the last 4 months.  Having a life is fun and oh so necessary.  The self-imposed exile of obesity is no way to live just as the anal, obsessive, food nazi is no way to live either.  So we come to my word of 2011.  I have gone back and forth between patience and moderation.  But, I think that patience is really what I need to focus on.

an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay: to have patience with a slow learner.
quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence: to work with patience.
“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”--Tolstoy


  1. I would like a Conrad! I have not incorporated exercise into this new lifestyle yet. Mostly because I'm lazy. One of these days...

    Oh, and Guns N Roses is my all time favorite band. The pic made me smile a whole bunch.

  2. Ahh so Richard doesnt mean that either? Last time I had a personal trainer I was always amazed at how much more I achieved...unfortunately he stopped being a trainer.

    I think he was afraid all his clients were going to band together and make him an offer he couldnt refuse and we would be allowed to be his trainer for a session :)

    I always joked and asked him whether this was the royal "we" again who would be doing the next torture.... sorry, exercise.

    I lose weight in a similar way, but just remember as long as it is all going down we cannot be disappointed!

  3. Hi Nicole,
    I just found your blog (through Liz) and read it from day 1. You are doing great and looking fantastic!!!! I also live in NYC and I understand that you and Liz both use NYU. I need to switch doctors and I'm wondering if you recommend your practice/doctor? Is there anything you wish you could change about the practice/doctor? Thanks so much in advance.