Monday, September 6, 2010

Moving forward using all my breath

I used to have a countdown on the right nav bar of my blog that was keeping me motivated by ticking off all of the steps accomplished to get my band. I created it the day I created the blog when everything seemed so far away and I couldn't imagine how I would get through to surgery date. Well, surgery date is nigh. SEVEN days to be exact. This time next week I will either be in the OR, in recovery, or in the waiting room. I am beside myself with joy and nerves.

I am moving the countdown now because I don't really need it anymore, but it was a vital part of my pre-op journey.

I want to start something new today because today I am looking forward. I am starting to think about all of the NSVs to come. Those are the things that are going to keep me going when I get stuck and think what the hell have I done to myself!

But, for the sake of posterity here is my countdown:

PCP Visit:
July 6 DONE
Shrink Visit: July 21 DONE
First Surgical Consultation: July 28 DONE
Insurance Submitted: August 25 DONE
Insurance Approved:
August 30 DONE
Pre-Op Diet:
August 30 STARTED
Pre-Op Testing at Hospital:
August 30 DONE
Surgery Date:
September 13

I won't be able to resist editing this post to add DONE to surgery Date :)

Edited to add pics of my goal asanas:


Pada Hastasana