Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Still Alive . . . and more importantly so are the cats

The liquid diet is not killing me. I don't want to get all prematurely excited, but I am down 8.6 lbs. SINCE MONDAY!!!!!! I know it is just water weight and if I gave in and ate a cheeseburger, it would all come back. Despite that, I am still doing a little dance every morning when I get off of the scale.

My goal was to get out of the 3s before surgery and it looks like I will do that. It has been so long since I successfully lost weight that I had forgotten what a high it can be. I had also forgotten that once you get started, you get addicted and just crave more and more. I am going to try not to get too obsessed with the numbers, but hot damn it feels good to see them going down for the first time in over a year.

When I was with my ex, I put on about 35 pounds in a year. I have to assume that is not normal, but I really don't know because I gain and lose that much regularly. My next small goal will be to get back to the weight that I was when I met him. That is almost exactly 10%, so that seems reasonable.

On the left we have me the week of my first date with X. I felt damn sexy that night.

On the right we have me at the BBQ mentioned early this month. I was wearing a Lane Bryant tent dress in a size 26. It had no pockets so my phone was clipped to my brassiere. Not so much with the sexy. I want to get back to the pink shirt picture in the next couple of months. (The picture on the right also happens to be the last picture I will ever untag for mortification reasons in Facebook. There is a pre-band NSV!)

My goal by February is to be back where I was on New Year's Eve 2006. I worked my ass off literally from August until December 26 when I went on vacation. I look at this picture now and I could cry that I ever let myself get back to where I am now. I mean not to toot my own horn, but I look HOT in this picture! I'll be there again--and someone here will get that sexy little size 16 cocktail dress with the gold chain straps.

In unrelated news, I have a blog etiquette question:

Help me seasoned veterans. I have issues. What is the protocol on comments? You all write such wonderful and supportive comments on posts and I want to answer, but I don't know where.

  1. Do I answer in my own comments? How will you know?
  2. Do I answer in your comments to one of your posts? Will that even make sense?
  3. Do I write a new blog entry to answer comments from a previous blog entry?

I suspect the answer is #4. I just want to acknowledge how supportive you guys are. So thanks! The last 2 months have flown by in part due to all the help and advice from this terrific community. I can't believe I am being banded in ten days!!!!


  1. You are beautiful, regardless, but you will get back to your pre-ex weight before you know it!! And almost 9 lbs since Monday is INCREDIBLE!! Own it, girl! <3

  2. Nicole you are rockin' and rollin'!

    I actually start my pre-op next Thursday - am hoping that I don't start eyeing MY cats (one of them is very hairy and I fear would not taste very good) :)

    We are on our way!!!

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  4. Congrats on your weightloss so far! You go! I'm hoping to start my liquid diet in about a week 1/2. Eeeek. We'll see how that goes! Good luck you're doing awesome!