Friday, September 10, 2010

A Peek Into the Crazy

I am supposed to find out what time my surgery is today.  They said that the list would be ready at 6pm, so I called at 2pm.  Russell answered.  I asked him about the time and he told me that the list was finished at 6:30pm and then they start calling patients and someone would call me.  I gave him my name and made him check anyway. Here was the conversation:

Me: So someone will call me?  What if I don't answer?
Russ: We will leave a message to call back.
Me: Will you give me the time?
Russ: No.  You will need to call us back.
Me: What if I don't get the message?
Russ: We will keep calling all weekend.
Me: So someone will definitely call.
Russ: Yes.
Me: Can you check and see what number you have for me?
Russ (looks it up): Actually we have several. How about 212-555-1212?
Me: Yes.  That is the best one.
Russ: Ok. Someone will reach out to you.
Me: Wait, how late are you open?  If I call will someone be there?
Russ: Yes 24 hours a day.  Ok bye now.
Me: Thanks Russ.  I'm just really excited.
Russ: I'm sure.

So finally I set Russ free.  Here it is 8:06.  No call.  I couldn't take it anymore, so about 30 minutes ago I called back.

"Hi, NYU, this is Russell."

I hung up. I panicked. I know he will remember the crazy.  I am gearing myself up to call again.  From a different phone just in case they have caller ID he won't know it was me that hung up before.

I think I might have officially crossed some line into nuts, but I can't seem to stop myself.


  1. LOL! You really want that band, huh? :)

  2. Ha ha!! I think you're still on the safe side of nuts if you can still question if you are actually nuts. I'm sure you're not even the craziest (let's call it eager) patient they've encountered.