Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Very First Blog Award

Thanks Maria!!! Your comments always make me smile.  You never forget your first . . . commenter that is.  Actually Catherine the Great was my first, but you were my second and you are much more consistent!  Humming the Golden Girls theme song as I type.

10 Things I Like:

  1. Keep in mind that I am nearing the end of my pre-op diet, so it is quite hard to think of things that I like that are not food related.  I will limit myself to only 2.  My first is crab.  Crabcakes, crab legs, crab soup, crab dip.  Just call me Bubba because I could go on forever.
  2. Second and final food item is cake. I have an unnatural craving for cake at all times.  I could be eating a piece of cake and thinking about how much I want some cake.  I am particular about the frosting though.  It must be buttercream.  Whipped cream frosting is a waste of cake.  Hopefully, the hall monitor in my stomach will address this issue.
  3. BAD Television: I watch A LOT of TV.  Reality and scripted.  If it is crappy and on TV, I have likely seen it or have it is in the DVR for viewing later.  I would rather sit down to a rousing episode of Bachelor Pad than Mad Men.  It is a character flaw.
  4. Blogging. I get to talk about myself endlessly without anyone calling me an egomaniac.  It is like therapy with an audience.
  5. My Family and Friends:  My really good friends are my family and my actual family is amazing too.  I am so lucky to have such a supportive and wonderful group of people around me.
  6. My Kindle:  I have always been a big reader, but for years I just re-read the same books that were already in my apartment.  That is the ultimate in laziness.  Now that I have the Kindle new books are just a click away and the gratification is instant.
  7. TaeKwon-Do:  I haven't done it in about 3 years, but I really loved it.  I made it to red belt before I quit.  I always felt so fat and ungainly while doing it, but still I went almost every night to class anyway.  I might give it a try again once I lose some weight.  It is great exercise and it is SO kick ass to be able to say you are almost a black belt.
  8. Bikram Yoga:  The hotter the better.  I surmise that this is because this is the one environment where I am not the only person pouring sweat.  Your body also feels great when you come out of a class. Very warm and limber and clean.
  9. Before and After Pictures:  I could look at the pictures on and blogs for hours. The first thing I do when I discover a new blog is go back to the first post to look for some befores.  There is just something sooo satisfying.  (I do not limit myself to weight loss before and afters.  All plastic surgery is welcome.)
  10. This feeling right this minute.  I just had a suger free popsicle.  I'm sipping water.  Writing my own blog and getting ready to catch up with all of my blog friends.  In 4 days (today is over for the most part!) I am going to change my life forever.  This feeling of nerves and excitement mixed with pride for being so good on my pre-op is precious and I want to capture it so I can come back again when I am feeling down.
10 Blogs:
  1. Maria! Obviously, she has stellar taste! She's also so amusing and kind.
  2. Grace  is a sexy vixen who is so honest and real in her posts that I want to spoon her sometimes.
  3. Amy   Oprah you need this girl on your final season. Make it happen.
  4. Catherine Everyone's favorite bandster. Catherine is like the First Lady of the band blogging world.
  5. Liz My NYU Langone partner.  She's right behind me in the process and we're close in weight and height.
  6. Stephanie Irreverent, funny, and so sweet. I, for one, want to hear the stories of the hard partying days.  I am sure they are hilarious.
  7. Angie So exciting watching her be the girl I wish I could have been had I been banded at her age. KEEP MAKING OUT WITH CUTE BOYS.  It's your right as a young hottie.
  8. Pie Giving Christina Hendricks a run for her money.
  9. Pamela She's a strong woman who makes me laugh
  10. Lynn was one of the first blogs I ever read and she helped lead me to all of you


  1. LOL!!! Spoon away! :) Thanks, hun!

    And I totally understand what you mean about whipped frosting being a waste of cake. I, too, consider myself a cake connoisseur!

  2. Hi there!

    Just found your blog and looking forward to reading more.

  3. Thanks for the shout out, girl! I start pre-op tomorrow, and if you haven't munched on a kitty yet, I suppose the ones that live here will be safe too.

    So excited for you. FOUR FREAKING DAYS!!!

  4. Thanx, Nic... You inspire me to keep fighting the battle of the bulge! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at

  5. Thanks so much sweetie!! Yeah...I could keep you entertained for hours with tales of my exploits. Sadly enough, my friends and I make the kids from Jersey Shore look like a Bible Study!! :) ~Hugs~

  6. Come on over to my blog and grab the award I gave you! :)