Thursday, August 26, 2010

Now We Wait

Well, it's the home stretch. My papers have been submitted to United Healthcare. This surgery has always seemed like a certainty to me. From the second I decided to do it, I have not doubted that I would have it done. Now that there is actually a chance that someone might tell me no, I am a little panicky.

I was totally confident until someone called from NYU on Monday and said that I needed a 5 year weight history. I have not gone to the doctor regularly for 5 straight years. I hate going to the doctor because they always tell me to lose weight. Um thanks. I hadn't thought of that.

I do go to my gyno regularly because I always convince myself that I have STDs. Not because I am promiscuous anymore or because I have symptoms. More because I don't have symptoms and I saw a Law and Order once where a guy had syphilis and killed a bunch of people because he didn't know. Apparently it scarred me. Irrational? Yes. I often am.

Anyway, my old gyno was a hot guy. Not advised. I would find myself afraid to tell him stuff because it was embarrassing. I would also primp and get nervous like it was my wedding night. None of this was good, so I found another doctor.
I called the office to get my records and the woman told me 2 weeks minimum. For those of you who hang your hat on my every word, you know that my surgery is in two weeks.

In the end it worked out. I don't need the 5 year history and now I just wait for my approval. Because it has to come. I will sell my body and go self-pay if need be. There is a large porno market for the rotund as I learned from an ex-boyfriend . . . but that's a blog for another day.


  1. Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for finding me! I am about go back and read your older posts - but since we are both being banded at NYU, and both have United, I thought I'd comment here.

    Once Nilsa submitted my paperwork, it only took about a week for the decision to come back that I was approved. I had already had my call with the case manager from United, so all of the groundwork was laid.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

  2. Glad to hear everything worked out...I don't have a hot gyn, but I am always like so obesessed that I look pretty. Not like he doesn't see 90 million hoo-hoo's a day anyway. I fell like I need to primp. I am a dork!