Monday, August 30, 2010

Pre-Op testing

Double Blog. I know. Lame. But, I wanted to document the pre-op testing experience. Liz, I know you are using NYU also, so if you have not gone already, here is what you can expect.

I got there at 11 and gave them the papers I had already filled out from Dr. Ren. There were questions about allergies, drinking, smoking, weight, family history. The usual questions. When I was talking to Angela--the nicest nurse ever--she also asked questions about where I will be recovering. If there are stairs or an elevator. Luckily, I am going to my parent's and there is an elevator, but I wonder what they would do if it was a walk-up. While Angela was asking questions, Michelle was giving me an EKG.

Next step was giving blood. I have bad veins. They have been small and hard to find since I was a child. The extra 150 lbs. has not really helped that all that much. Last time I went to my PCP they stuck me 10 times. TEN GODDAMN TIMES and still I had to go out to a lab. Anyway, Angela and Michelle were really nice and only tried once. Then we moved onto my hand. Eventually they got enough blood, but I am NOT looking forward to the IV next week.

Then I met with the anesthesiologist. For 5 minutes. Literally. She told me to not eat anything from midnight on. Not even a mint or gum. Nothing. Then she said ok see you in two weeks. Should we have talked about more? I am hoping they have a few more questions on the day of or I might get nervous.

Next stop was chest x-ray. Took ten minutes. I was out of there by about 12:15 and would have been sooner, if my veins weren't so shitty.

So there you have it. The pre-op testing.

My god. Hunger has made me so dull. I apologize if you have slogged through this post to this point. My gift to you:


  1. Oooh, much faster than I thought! They told me to expect 2-3 hours, but I think they might have been including the esophagram time in there. I have little veins too (which is ironic because I am so pale I am see through, but they just can't seem to find one) so I am always nervous about having blood taken too - I usually bruise like a mf'er.

    I am going to be hanging on your every word in the next few weeks since I am right after you!!!

  2. You are not dull! I love reading about everybody's different experiences <3